Exceed your potential with VIP Coaching in 2020

Hi I’m Lena, I’m a 7 figure entrepreneur and qualified coach who helps trailblazers unlock their next level life and career that’s full of purpose.

I’m qualified under the Gold Standard In Coaching (International Coaching Federation) and here are just some of the experiences my clients have had while coaching with me. 

  • Finally break through their long standing limiting beliefs 
  • Rediscover their confidence to choose forward facing solutions
  • Gain fresh insights, perspectives and ‘AHA’ moments
  • Build accountability structures tailored to them
  • Reconnect with their purpose and life vision 
  • Improve their productivity through purposeful planning
  • Use tools and strategies to design their extraordinary life

Who do I coach?

I coach leaders from across the world (sessions can be done remotely via video link) who are looking to reconnect with their purpose, unlock life and career fulfilment while preparing for the future of work.

What kind of experience/ qualifications do I have?

If you’ve visited my ‘about’ page already then you’ve already read this but if not then, firstly, I’m a qualified coach under the Gold Standard In Coaching (International Coaching Federation).

Before I became a full time coach, I worked in and for companies based in Australia, New Zealand, The Netherlands, UK, and the USA. My nearly 30 year career started humbly in bars and clubs then quickly moved to driving strategic complex projects whilst holding senior management and leadership roles across multinational global companies (S&P 500 and ASX200), an international not for profit and several private companies.

I’ve consulted to and worked as a sessional academic in two Western Australian Universities, developing Masters and Undergraduate course materials. I’m an active volunteer in my community and hold several voluntary board and committee positions. I’ve engaged with, coached, mentored led or trained nearly 3000 people over the course of my career. I’ve been an intrepreneur (yes that’s a term and basically is where I worked at large company but acted like the leader of a startup). I’d now classify myself as an entrepreneur and serial side hustler having starting and scaling several businesses to six and seven figure companies. 

My work, life experience and University qualifications ( + industry recognised) in sociology, politics, history, commerce, sustainability and coaching combine to give me a unique set of skills. These include: Emotional Intelligence, Critical thinking,  Innovation, Leadership, Coaching, Mentoring, Sustainability, Business Development, Facilitation and that’s just the ‘work’ side. 

If you want the full download of my work history and 30+ recommendations on Linked In you can do so here and why not reach out and connect with me while you’re there!

But who am I beyond work?

While the work side is great, at the end of the day I’m Lena 🙂 

Head on over to the about me page to find out more about me….there’s lots in there about what I love to do and who I am as a person. 

So, what makes coaching with me different?

I’ve done the inner work so that every single coaching session is always about YOU. What your needs and wants are. I create a space where you can be truly and deeply listened to with no judgement, advice or viewpoint from me. I walk along side you, supporting you in a way where you design a clear vision of your future using powerful and purposeful tools. I respectfully challenge long standing assumptions and limiting beliefs so you can find and be accountable for, the forward facing solutions to start living the life that you have designed.

Fill out the below and Lena will be in contact within 48 hours to arrange a time to chat about coaching