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Lena Barnes coach

How to get to the next level

Sometimes we need to press the pause button. So, to allow the next level of my business come through, I’ll be taking a pause from emails and blogs for now.

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Is coronavirus a gift

Is this season a gift?

This week is about asking yourself what you’ve missed or haven’t missed due to COVID-19. And if you want to take it one step further how has this season been a gift for you?

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How many people complete online courses 2

Are you in the 9% club?

Just over 6 weeks ago, before the world took the ‘great pause’ for COVID-19, I made a massive investment in my business that’s now put me in the 9% club

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How prepared are you for the future of work

How prepared are you for the Future of Work?

Find out about the Future of Work and the first in the series of blogs on the impact that technology, climate change, workplace automation and global changes will have on your career and how they will transform the way you work.

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