Lena Barnes- Entrepreneur, Coach, Mum and Sustainability Advocate


I’m an entrepreneur who has used the experience and knowledge gained from my 30 year internationally diverse and colourful career (think…chip shop to chairman, dating agency to director and sales to sustainability to name a few) to build businesses from side hustles to 6 and 7 figures without compromising family life.

On top of running a 7-figure online retail business (Direct Coins) with my hubby, I’m passionate about impact and contribution. I do this through sustainable business and personal practices, volunteering, donations and supporting trailblazing women (and a few men!) through coaching and business strategy services. 

Who do I work with?

I work with trailblazers who appear successful on the outside, but they feel stuck on the inside and yearn for a new way to work and live. Logic, strategy, and an unwavering commitment to being independent has got them to where they are now.

But in order to really step into the biggest vision for their life, it’s time combine all that’s got them here with accessing their inner wisdom (which has been pushed down for years) to unlock their next level life and career full of purpose leaving a legacy with zero regrets while not compromising family life.

What's new in 2020?

It’s fair to say that no one saw this year coming. The devastation, pain, disruption and impact that almost everyone on this planet has gone through has been huge. While I am grateful and proud to be an owner of an ethical business that has thrived during this time, I also am committed to supporting and lifting others that are struggling both personally and through my businesses.

This year I’ve had the privilege of

– Joining Leadership WA’s extended team delivering coaching services to their Signature Leadership Program participants www.leadershipwa.org.au

– Being a tutor for emerging leaders, coaches and facilitators through the Global Coaching Academy’s Accredited Coach Training Program (ICF) www.globalcoach.com.au

– Becoming a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and ICF Australasia, the world’s largest community of professional coaches. As a member I represent the highest quality of professional coaching. www.coachfederation.org


– Being selected as an Executive Member for Western Australian Leaders www.waleaders.com.au


Seems too good to be true...

If you’re still reading, you’re probably thinking this is too good to be true.

You’ve got challenges, issues, a difficult past, demanding kids, an unsupportive partner and so many limiting factors to contend with. This sort of coaching and business strategy just wouldn’t work for you.

And while I can’t guarantee you’ll get the same results as me or my clients, what I can share with you is that while I have reached incredible highs, my life and career hasn’t been without some serious lows and painful past trauma to deal with. Not only does that make me human but it also makes me an insightful and life experienced coach to work with.

I’ve been the independent woman (thank you Destiny’s child I’m now singing that song) I’ve burnt out, been bullied and betrayed by women and seriously let down by men. I’ve spent plenty of time blaming my circumstances, feeling powerless and unworthy that at times has put me at times into hibernation.

But over time, I’ve come to realise that life mirrors and matches how I show up.

When I’ve expected things to go wrong, they have. When I’m looking at the glass as being half full, it stays that way. When I’ve ignored the quiet voice in my head, that feeling in my gut that won’t go away and my inner guidance, I’ve failed miserably.

But I can also say that when I’m authentic and open, opportunities and light bulb moments happen. When I’m meditating, eating well and healthy I am energised and can handle anything the day throws at me (including referring arguments between my young kids).  When I’ve trusted my inner guidance, even when it hasn’t made any sense and seemed ridiculous to others, it worked out even better than I could have imagined.


Did I do all of this all by myself? In the beginning yes I did but not anymore…I no longer wear the false mask of superwoman.


I need my family, friends, coaches, mentors and peers not only to support me but help unlock the determination, drive and innate potential that’s always been inside me.   


I now completely trust and believe that there’s been reason for everything I’ve experienced. They have all brought me to this very moment. I’ve started to believe that all of my life is organising around my success and I now look for and receive signs and guidance that this is true.   


I no longer believe that you need to go through pain and suffering to be successful. That’s why I’ve adopted a new, refreshing (and most likely polarising) motto of working less and BE-ing more. It’s not for everyone and it certainly challenges the paradigms we’ve been brought up with. But the fact is, we’re living in completely different times now that requires innovative thinking and fresh approaches to whatever the next new normal is going to me.

What kind of experience do I have?

If you’ve visited my coaching page then you’ve already read this, but if not then, firstly, I’m a qualified coach under the Gold Standard In Coaching (International Coaching Federation).

Before I became a full time coach, I worked in and for companies based in Australia, New Zealand, The Netherlands, UK, and the USA. My 30 year career started humbly in fast food, bars and clubs then quickly moved to driving strategic complex projects whilst holding senior management and leadership roles across multinational global companies (S&P 500 and ASX200), an international not for profit and several private companies.

I’ve consulted to and worked as a sessional academic in two Western Australian Universities, developing Masters and Undergraduate course materials. I’m an active volunteer in my community and hold several voluntary board and committee positions. I’ve engaged with, coached, mentored and/or trained nearly 3000 people over the course of my career. I’ve been an intrepreneur (yes that’s a term and basically is where I worked at large company but acted like the leader of a startup). I’d now classify myself as an entrepreneur and serial side hustler having starting and scaling businesses to six and seven figure companies. 

My work, life experience and University qualifications ( + industry recognised) in sociology, politics, history, commerce, sustainability and coaching combine to give me a unique view of the world. It’s incredible to combine this view with the skills I’ve mastered over the years including emotional Intelligence, critical thinking, communication, time management, organisational skills, customer service and agility. 

If you want the full download of my work history and 30+ recommendations on Linked In you can do so here and why not reach out and connect with me while you’re there!

What can I do for you?

Coaching is a modality that more and more people are using  to help transform their lives.

There are so many benefits that the style of coaching I use can bring to you. According to the Gold standard in Coaching,  International Coaching Federation, which I gained my certification from, these include:

  • Fresh perspectives on personal challenges
  • Enhanced decision-making skills
  • Increased confidence
  • Increased ability to identify solutions to specific work-related issues
  • Greater interpersonal effectiveness
  • Improvement in productivity
  • Satisfaction with life and work
  • Attainment of goals relevant to you

The great news is that all of this can be done virtually, anywhere in the world.

I offer private and group coaching as well as coaching leaders in a company as part of their extended team.

The kind of support that people access is via 3, 6 or 12 month programs which I tailor to suit your current and anticipated future needs.

Lena London Court 4

What's makes coaching with me different?

I’ve done the inner work so that every single coaching session is always about YOU. What your needs and wants are. I create a space where you can be truly and deeply listened to with no judgement, advice or viewpoint from me. I walk along side you, supporting you in a way where you design a clear vision of your future using powerful and purposeful tools. I respectfully challenge long standing assumptions and limiting beliefs so you can find and be accountable for, the forward facing solutions to start living the life that you desire.

Do you have any testimonials from people who you've coached/ mentored?

Absolutely! Here’s a snapshot of what people have said about me..


“Lena is a wonderful coach, and I would highly recommend her…every time, I am very surprised by the clarity I get through the coaching experience. Lena truly has the gift of listening!” Deb Wild

“It was such a privilege to have the opportunity to work with Lena…I found Lena to be warm and understanding, while using inquiry and observation to dig around for deeper questions and answers than I would have ever been able to find on my own. Our sessions had a great balance between the pragmatic and philosophical and immediate requirements versus reflections on future possibilities.” Tristy Fairfield

“I came to Lena to help me with a major career decision…Lena helped me pull apart the whole thing and tap into what I *REALLY* want… Lena helped me reconnect with that. Now I’m able to see my choices with greater clarity and move forward with greater confidence, I highly recommend Lena for growing your career and/or business”. Joseph Rea

For the full version of these testimonials and many more you can visit on my home page,  access my 5 star reviews on Facebook and look at the 30+ recommendations on LinkedIn that have spanned my career to date.

OK this sounds great but can I try it out to see if it works for me?


If any of what I am saying resonates with you and you’d like to unlock your next level life and career full of purpose leaving a legacy with zero regrets while not compromising family life, then you can visit my coaching page here email me at hello@lenabarnes.com. We’ll arrange a time to have a free call  to see if working together is a good fit and if we don’t work together you’ll get value just from having the session.