Hi I'm Lena,

I'm a 7 figure entrepreneur and qualified coach
who helps trailblazers unlock their next level
life and career that's full of purpose

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What People Say About Lena

It was such a privilege to have the opportunity to work with Lena. I really appreciate her focus on change-makers, and the trust that her own career path and choices creates from the start. I found Lena to be warm and understanding, while using inquiry and observation to dig around for deeper questions and answers than I would have ever been able to find on my own. Our sessions had a great balance between the pragmatic and philosophical and immediate requirements versus reflections on future possibilities. Thanks so much Lena x 

Tristy, Australia 

Lena is a wonderful coach, and I would highly recommend her. I have had quite a number of sessions with Lena and every time, I am very surprised by the clarity I get through the coaching experience. Lena truly has the gift of listening! Thank you so much Lena.

Deb, Australia

I came to Lena to help me with a major career decision. I was torn between growing my tech career and starting a new business. I had lots of ideas and possibilities, but felt stuck in making a decision and sticking with it. Lena helped me pull apart the whole thing and tap into what I *REALLY* want. I realized I had been closed off from my desires, and Lena helped me reconnect with that. Now I’m able to see my choices with greater clarity and move forward with greater confidence, I highly recommend Lena for growing your career and/or business.

Joseph, USA